At KISO, we focus on quality

Quality From Start To Finish

At KISO, we focus on quality. Quality in our customer service; quality in our relationships with our partners; quality in our production.

Only high grade raw materials are specified for our production processes. All raw materials undergo strict control by our in-house KISO Quality Control laboratory or – if agreed with our supplier – are followed by a Certificate Of Analysis from the supplier. This ensures that all raw materials used meet the high standards demanded by KISO.

We, and of course our customers, expect that KISO products always meet the specification and performance levels stated in our Technical Data Sheets. Our Quality Programme, developed over many years, monitors all stages of the production process to ensure that the high standards we have set are maintained.


Quality Assurance

During the production process, we monitor the quality of our products on our production lines. An automated scale system ensures high accuracy in the addition of each ingredient for every production mix. The system will only allow the operator to continue with the correct step-by-step weighing of ingredients. Samples are taken from each batch, which then undergo testing to ensure adherence to quality standards. Samples and test data are kept so that there is complete traceability of all KISO products.

Our highly trained and skilled operators in Production work to agreed procedures on the extrusion lines and carry out in-situ, purpose designed checks. Laser measuring systems constantly monitor extruded product to ensure that profiles are within tolerance. Products deemed unacceptable are rejected.

Control of Quality Control

The KISO quality technicians regularly carry out random inspection of finished product and again, sample material is archived for traceability. Quality control and test procedures undertaken by KISO use the same test methods and standards as those employed by European certification institutes. Finally, to make certain, that all measurement devices work properly, interval calibrating procedures have been set up. This insures that the monitoring itself is kept within spec.

In addition to KISO's own quality procedures, several of our products are approved by external test houses. Certifications achieved by KISO products are detailed on the individual Technical Data Sheets.